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Compiled from Madelyn van der Hoogt's A Pocket Dicionary of weaving terms for today's weavers copywrite 1990

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lace weaves

simple weaves with floats caused by an interruption of plain-weave interlacement. Warp floats alternate with weft floats or warp (or weft) floats alternate with plain weave. As in spot weaves, the same warp or weft forming a float in one area forms plain weave or the opposite float in the adjacent area.


a double weave in which a main structure is patterned by the weft of a secondary structure. The resulting cloth can be either completely interwoven or contain areas of double cloth where the main structure is on the top surface of the cloth. The main and secondary structures can each be plain weave, twill, or satin. Areas where the secondary weft appears on the face of the cloth are usually considered the pattern areas. In beiderwand, however, areas where the main structure appears on the face are considered pattern. The two structures do not exchange positions as they do in figured double weave. The main warp and weft can weave on the face of the cloth (while the secondary structure weaves on the back), but only the secondary weft can pass above the main structure; the secondary warp always interlaces with the secondary weft beneath the main structure, syn. diasper, tissue.