Session 2

 The party started moving into the area.  They ran into some goblins that attempted to draw them into a trap but only managed to temporarily trap Hualiang and had a near hit on Xavier tho he was able to dodge out of the way of the falling rubble.  Party split, Hualiang found the tunnel that the goblin set off the trap from and went after it while the remaining party attempted to move east to try to hook back up with Hualiang.  Concerned that they might be dealing with attacks from the rear, Nathaniel had the others hold position to watch the rear while he scouted forward.  Eventually, he found Hualiang and the two of them scouted the next room east (dining room) and ran into three goblins.  After dispatching them they attempted a scout to the south finding the armory on the west side of the corridor and an unexplored section to the east.  Continuring forward, Xavier saw two goblins engaged in goblin fun.  Plans were made and the two goblins were dispatched.  The party them moved back to a room they previously bypassed to the SW and session was called for the night.

Session 1

The party decided to leave the fort mid-afternoon with plans to sleep in Echo Wood before entering spire.  The night didn't go so well having run in with two separate parties of hobgoblins.  The following morning, they reached the spire.  Nathaniel opted to sneak up to the west entrance following the larger path.  Unable to see into the spire, he went back to confer with the party.  The goblin commando on guard wasn't very attentive and kept failing to detect Nathaniel. When the party got to point on the path accross from the entrance, Nathaniel decided to tie a small rock to string and have LiMei cast light on the rock.  He then threw the rock into the spire thru the entrance.  It barely missed the goblin who must have been daydreaming 'cause he saw nuthin'.  The worg, on the other hand, got really curious about the rock which started slowly moving back toward the entrance;  the worg following attentively.  Now the goblin was aware of the rock and the worgs obvious interest.  He attempted to get the worg to stop but it ignored him and kept chasing the rock.  Now at the entrance and having failed again to get the worg to stop, he noticed the party accross the way and tried to hit Nathaniel with an arrow.  No luck.  By this point the lit rock had gone off the side and no longer had the worgs attention.  The goblin turned the worg around and rushed to sound the warning.  In the mean, the party quickly moved to get in the spire but were stopped at the entrance by the commando, who, after sounding the alarm, rushed back to stop the party from entering.  A fight ensued with neither doing much damage.  Part way into the fight, a second commando arrived to help the first.  Damage ensued to both sides with one commando losing an eye due to a crit.  Eventually both commandos went down leaving the worgs to fight to the bitter end.  Some quick chops by William and they also went down.  The party then entered stopping in the first chamber of Spire level 1.  Real life stepped in and the decison was made to end the session.