Session 2

 The party started moving into the area.  They ran into some goblins that attempted to draw them into a trap but only managed to temporarily trap Hualiang and had a near hit on Xavier tho he was able to dodge out of the way of the falling rubble.  Party split, Hualiang found the tunnel that the goblin set off the trap from and went after it while the remaining party attempted to move east to try to hook back up with Hualiang.  Concerned that they might be dealing with attacks from the rear, Nathaniel had the others hold position to watch the rear while he scouted forward.  Eventually, he found Hualiang and the two of them scouted the next room east (dining room) and ran into three goblins.  After dispatching them they attempted a scout to the south finding the armory on the west side of the corridor and an unexplored section to the east.  Continuring forward, Xavier saw two goblins engaged in goblin fun.  Plans were made and the two goblins were dispatched.  The party them moved back to a room they previously bypassed to the SW and session was called for the night.