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There are three definitions of union cloths:

  1. A fabric manufactured in England from a cotton warp and shoddy weft. The cloth is heavily napped.
  2. A fabric made with the warp yarn of one fibre differing from the weft yarn of another fibre. For example it is common to find tea towels made with linen warps and cotton wefts.
  3. A fabric woven from yarns made by twisting together single yarns of differing fibres, such as linen and cotton.

Silkmoth variety, native only to temperate regions, and which produces one generation of only dormant eggs per year.


Any fabric used to cover furniture. Can be manufactured from any fibre or combination of fibres.


Twisting one or more yarns by withdrawing them over-end from a rotating package.


Urena lobata L. A bast fibre similar to jute. Grown in West Africa, South East Asia, South America and Caribbean. Processed in the same way as jute.