WPI = 0.93 *  YPP 

This is an attempt to calculate SETTs using either YPP or (oz/grams)/yards as found on knitting yarn. When converting oz/yards to YPP, the result is rounded down to the nearest 100.

Conversion of label values to YPP is calcultated using 16 / ounce * yards.

Enter Yards per pound (YPP) or weight -

Check if entering in ounces -

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If entering in ounces or grams, enter yardage -

"The reason for wanting to know a maximum sett is so that you can take percentages of it to allow for different yarns and types of fabrics. These are numbers generally used for balanced setts, where the warp and weft show equally. Open up the sett (so that the wefts can pack down between the widely spaced warps) for more weft predominance, and make it closer (more warps per inch) for more warp predominance."(1)